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AUDENTES THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/13/2017
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creditors, workout, foreclosure, or other action related to Borrower, the Collateral, the Loan Documents, including representing Agent or Lender in any adversary proceeding or contested matter commenced or continued by or on behalf of Borrower’s estate, and any appeal or review thereof.

11.12Confidentiality.  Agent and Lender acknowledge that certain items of Collateral and information provided to Agent and Lender by Borrower are confidential and proprietary information of Borrower, if and to the extent such information either (x) is marked as confidential by Borrower at the time of disclosure, or (y) should reasonably be understood to be confidential (the “Confidential Information”).  Accordingly, Agent and Lender agree that any Confidential Information it may obtain in the course of acquiring, administering, or perfecting  Agent’s security interest in the Collateral shall not be disclosed to any other Person or entity in any manner whatsoever, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Borrower, except that Agent and Lender may disclose any such information:  (a) to its own directors, officers, employees, accountants, counsel and other professional advisors and to its Affiliates if Agent or Lender in their sole discretion determines that any such party should have access to such information in connection with such party’s responsibilities in connection with the Loan or this Agreement and, provided that such recipient of such Confidential Information either (i) agrees to be bound by the confidentiality provisions of this paragraph or (ii) is otherwise subject to confidentiality restrictions that reasonably protect against the disclosure of Confidential Information; (b) if such information is generally available to the public; (c) if required or appropriate in any report, statement or testimony submitted to any governmental authority having or claiming to have jurisdiction over Agent or Lender; (d) if required or appropriate in response to any summons or subpoena or in connection with any litigation, to the extent permitted or deemed advisable by Agent’s or Lender’s counsel; (e) to comply with any legal requirement or law applicable to Agent or Lender; (f) to the extent reasonably necessary in connection with the exercise of any right or remedy under any Loan Document, including Agent’s sale, lease, or other disposition of Collateral after default; (g) to any participant or assignee of Agent or Lender or any prospective participant or assignee; provided, that such participant or assignee or prospective participant or assignee agrees in writing to be bound by this Section prior to disclosure; or (h) otherwise with the prior consent of Borrower; provided, that any disclosure made in violation of this Agreement shall not affect the obligations of Borrower or any of its Affiliates or any guarantor under this Agreement or the other Loan Documents.

11.13 Assignment of Rights.  Borrower acknowledges and understands that Agent or Lender may, subject to Section 11.7, sell and assign all or part of its interest hereunder and under the Loan Documents to any Person or entity (an “Assignee”).  After such assignment the term “Agent” or “Lender” as used in the Loan Documents shall mean and include such Assignee, and such Assignee shall be vested with all rights, powers and remedies of Agent and Lender hereunder with respect to the interest so assigned; but with respect to any such interest not so transferred, Agent and Lender shall retain all rights, powers and remedies hereby given.  No such assignment by Agent or Lender shall relieve Borrower of any of its obligations hereunder.  Lender agrees that in the event of any transfer by it of the Note(s)(if any), it will endorse thereon a notation as to the portion of