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AUDENTES THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/13/2017
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and other obligations of the Lease; (b) that the use to which the Premises will be put by the proposed transferee is inconsistent with the terms of the Lease or otherwise will materially and adversely affect any interest of Lessor; (c) that the nature of the proposed transferee's proposed or likely use of the Premises would involve any increased risk of the use, release or mishandling of Hazardous Materials; or (d) that Lessor has not received assurances acceptable to Lessor in its sole discretion that all past due amounts owing from Lessee to Lessor (if any) will be paid and all other Events of Default on the part of Lessee (if any) will be cured prior to the effective date of the proposed Transfer.

H.Lessee acknowledges and agrees that each of the rights of Lessor set forth in Paragraph 17 in the event of a proposed Transfer is a reasonable restriction on Transfer for purposes of California Civil Code Section 1951.4.

I.Any consent to any proposed Transfer, whether conditional or unconditional, shall not be deemed to be a consent to any other or further Transfer of this Lease, or any other Transfer of this Lease on the same or other conditions (if any). No Transfer of this Lease shall in any way diminish, impair or release any of the liabilities and obligations of Lessee, any guarantor or any other person liable for all or any portion of the Lessee's obligations under this Lease.

18.Lessees Default. The occurrence of any one of the following events (each an “Event of Default”) shall constitute a material breach of this Lease by Lessee:

A.Lessee’s failure to pay Base Monthly Rent when due.

B.If Lessee shall fail to pay any other sum (all of which sums shall be deemed to be additional rent hereunder) to Lessor when due

C.Lessee’s breach of any non-monetary obligation of this Lease.

D.Lessee’s failure to perform any other provisions of this Lease if the failure to perform is not cured within thirty (30) days after notice has been given to Lessee. lf the default cannot reasonably be cured within thirty (30) days, Lessee shall not be in default of this Lease if Lessee commences to cure the default within the thirty (30) day period and diligently and in good faith continues to cure the default thereafter.

E.If this Lease or any estate of Lessee hereunder shall be levied upon under any attachment or execution and such attachment or execution is not vacated within fifteen (15) days.

If within thirty (30) days after the commencement of any proceeding against Lessee seeking any reorganization, arrangement, composition, readjustment, liquidation, dissolution or similar relief